Code of the Shralper

Spread “high fives and positive vibes” in every action:
The Union is not for one person, but for the people.

Surf, Snow, Skate: we all relate.

Be prepared to sling stoke in whatever you do, however you do it.

If you are loyal to the Union, the Union is loyal to you.

A Shralper does the right thing because it is the right thing.

In all disciplines, be courageous and determined.

A Shralper’s duty is to represent his/her discipline in the best style. Style cannot be attained without vigilance and determination. It is with this that all duties should be performed.

Shralpers serve their communities, friends, those in need and the Union.

To understand ourselves, we actively seek the knowledge of other disciplines with which we may not be familiar. By being open, we become stronger. The weakness of one is complemented and enhanced by the other.

Each part has its place; learning is never done. Dedication to your art comes with the
continued discipline to always push farther.

The Union won’t stop, so neither should you. In all things, you either do them or you don’t. You do them until you stop; then you don’t.